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Anne H. Decker

Anne Decker writes memoir and observational non-fiction about marriage and family life, addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and whatever else is happening around her.

Anne has an MFA from Bennington College. Her work has appeared in newspapers, periodicals in Upstate New York and several anthologies. She has read many essays on local PBS and on NPR. She has been on the board of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild, and is currently judge for its humor writing contest.

She facilitates a workshop at the Northeastern New York Alzheimer’s Association for early stage Alzheimer’s patients who want to leave their life stories for their survivors, particularly their children. The group is known as the Legacy Project and is open to any person within the demographic who is interested in leaving more than a memory.

She plans to teach an afternoon session or two in writing short non-fiction next July at the Women’s Writing Retreat at Pyramid Lake, in Paradox, NY. This workshop will concentrate on 300 to 500 word pieces, known as flash non-fiction, and is perfect for radio and newspaper distribution. Anne has had readings in Albany, Troy, Bennington, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Since somebody always seems to take her picture when she is looking down at the paper during a reading, she is considering having some “work” done to reduce the number of chins appearing in photographs. Her plastic surgeon assures her it will be a piece of cake — not that she will ever be able to eat cake again, if she actually does go through with it. Hmm, cake? No cake? She’ll have to think about this.

Joe, Anne’s husband of fifty-seven years, is in a nursing home with late stage Alzheimer’s, but he continues to be an endless source of material dating back to age nine, when they first met. She has four children, all boys, four grandchildren, not all boys, and lives in upstate New York. Her friends call her Annie.